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 "Maine to San Diego by Train"  Who says everything has to be serious or overly technical. Point and Shoot cameras and phones have allowed so many of us today to share what we see and feel, without sacrificing image quality.
Desktop publishing can then edit and connect us to the world community. This is A Photo book, and A Travel book, occasionally A Humorous book, and A Bird book. It is finally A Painted Photo book, and most importantly, a book introducing "Railway Window Art". This new form of photographic art was my way to deal with the monotony of a four day train trip from winter in Maine, to the warmth and activity of Pacific Beach in San Diego California.

Chapter #7      Photos "Painted by Light"                    Chapter #8 Photos with Words

Chapter #5  Birds, Birds, Birds                     Chapter #6 Back home to Maine's seasons

Chapter #1    "Railway Window Art"                Chapter #2 San Diego and Pacific Beach

Chapter #3 Return train break in New Mexico       Chapter #4  "Other Places" a travel lesson

It started as a train ride, progressed to a series of photo essays, Birds led to New Mexico, " Other Places" were recalled, and of course

many of the people and experiences that each location offers, become the story. What I have not been able to convey through my

photos, I now take great pleasure in both painting the photos & adding words to them. Yes one photo tells a thousand words,

 but a few added words can tell the story even better than when I pressed the shutter. It is the joy of fully telling a story.

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 That is after all what this E book is all about.

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, 2015

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